Stop the law that requires killing the victims of dogfighting

Stop the law that requires killing the victims of dogfighting

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Dogs seized in connection with dog fighting, even puppies, are required by Louisiana law to be euthanized. Your signature could end this law and save the lives of dogs who can be rehomed.

On December 23rd 2014, while many families were preparing for the holidays, authorities seized 24 dogs from a suspected dogfighter in Baton Rouge.  All of the dogs, including puppies, were euthanized according to Louisiana state law. The law automatically assumes any dogs seized in connection with dogfighting are dangerous and a threat to public safety. Nothing can be further from the truth.

In the infamous dogfighting case involving NFL player Michael Vick, many of those dogs were successfully treated, trained, and rehomed. This is how Louisiana should treat dogs seized in connection with dogfighting. These animals are victims who have experienced unimaginable trauma. They deserve a second chance, not to be sentenced to death.

A law that would automatically euthanize a puppy is wrong. Tell Louisiana lawmakers to change this inhumane law.

Around the country when dogs are seized in cases of neglect and abuse, they are treated as individuals. The dogs have to pass behavior evaluations, and in many cases go on to live as family pets, work as therapy dogs, and win national recognition performing canine sports. This is approach all dogs deserve no matter where or the circumstances they are found.   

Another complication presented by the current law is that the dogs are destroyed long before cases go to trial. In the notorious Boudreaux dogfighting case, 57 dogs were euthanized.  A judge later dismissed all charges, citing the premature killing of the "evidence" as one of his reasons. The Boudreaux's subsequently were awarded damages for the loss of their dogs.

It is time to stop punishing the victims of dogfighting. Let us stand together to change Louisiana’s law to evaluate dogs individually when seized in connection to dogfighting.  Please sign and share our petition.

121,667 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!