Fully Legalize Medical Cannabis in Louisiana.

Fully Legalize Medical Cannabis in Louisiana.

August 5, 2020
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We are petitioning the Louisiana government to fully legalize medical cannabis in our great state. We are petitioning the Louisiana government to amend the Constitution under Article 1 to include the right to use cannabis for medical purposes. We have come up with some guidelines that must be included in the law, by will of the people, should this petition receive the appropriate amount of signatures. 

1. Allow flower, edibles, and vapes for medical cannabis patients. 

2. Require security to be provided at all legal cannabis dispensaries(pharmacies). 

3. Allow state residents,  who are medical cannabis patients, to purchase up to a maximum of one ounce of dried flower, the equivalent in vaporizables/edibles, or a mix of both per day. 

4. Ban in-public consumption of cannabis products similar to other states and how we treat alcohol in our own state. Set this with a maximum fine of $500 for the first offense, no more than $500 for a second offense, and no more than $750 for further offenses. In-public should consist of bars, clubs, businesses, streets, near schools. Consumption of cannabis products on your own property shall not be considered “in public”, however common courtesy should apply. 

5. Allow landlords to set their own rules regarding cannabis consumption on their own property with regards to consumption and with remedies for them should a tenant break those rules. This should be on a “beyond reasonable doubt” basis, but landlords shall have a legal avenue to evict a tenant for breaking the rules regarding cannabis consumption. Landlords MUST have, in their rental agreements, whether cannabis is allowed on their property or not similar to tobacco use. 

6. The smell of cannabis alone shall no longer be considered probable cause to search a vehicle of state residents with medical cannabis cards. This does not mean that officers can not have probable cause if they believe the driver of the vehicle is under the influence. 

7. Driving under the influence of cannabis shall be treated in a manner consistent with DUI/DWI laws already in place. 

8. When driving with cannabis(as in driving home from a dispensary[pharmacy] ), all cannabis products must be out of reach of the driver. 

9. Employers shall be prohibited from firing medical cannabis patients for “off the job” cannabis use, unless employer and employee agree to this prior to hiring. If the employer prohibits “off the job” cannabis use, they shall also prohibit “off the job” alcohol use. 

10. Louisiana residents who are medical patients shall be allowed to grow not more than two plants for personal use at any given time at their own homes. These plants shall be out of view from the public. Patients shall apply through their parish of residence to grow their own plant. Tenants of rentals shall be subject to the limitations applied in section 5 above. 

11. Any person who purchases cannabis for someone under the age of 21 shall be subject to the same laws as those who purchase alcohol for those under the age of 21. This shall not apply to parents or caregivers who otherwise follow the law for medical cannabis. If a doctor has decided that the benefits of medical cannabis outweigh the risks for those under 21, a parent or caregiver may purchase and administer medical cannabis to their child. 

12. Personal sale or “black market” sale shall be prohibited completely. The punishment for this shall be discussed by state and local governments. 

13. Allow both Indica and Sativa to be sold at dispensaries(pharmacies).


This petition made change with 650 supporters!

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