Change the YRDSB SS Education Model for the Upcoming Year.

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YRDSB has provided families examples of the back to school model for secondary schools that they will be following in the coming school year. These plans are questionable in their integrity to provide the best possible education during this time. If students make the choice to go back to school, and are choosing to put themselves at risk for the benefit of their education, it makes little sense for them to only participate for one block. 

Rather, we believe that if students are already returning to school, they should be staying at school for the whole school day on an alternating schedule. This will help students remain focused on their learning, as it can be very harmful to change learning environments in the middle of the school day. Also, many students will have issues with transportation from school to their homes, as not everyone is eligible for transportation and many families may be struggling with providing transportation during the day. 

If the issue is that students cannot eat lunch safely, schools should allow students to eat lunch in already distanced classrooms, where precautions have already been taken. 

Other school boards in our area, like TDSB, are using the alternating days model for secondary schools. We believe that YRDSB should do the same.

In this time of crisis, many families are experiencing hardships that can significantly affect students’ learning at home.  As YRDSB students and families, we ask those in executive positions at the school board to make these changes and insure that students who decide to return to their schools participate in worthwhile learning during Covid.