Make the Metro-Minerva Theatre live again

Make the Metro-Minerva Theatre live again

1 July 2020
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Lord Mayor of Sydney and 3 others
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Started by Metro-Minerva Theatre Action Group (MTAG)


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(New petition April 6 2023)

The Metro-Minerva Theatre in Potts Point is a 1,000 seat theatre in the Art Deco streamline moderne style situated in the heart of Sydney’s Potts Point.
The Metro-Minerva is a premium example of this style in NSW and largely is poised to relive its glory days as a live theatre.
Opening as The Minerva in 1939, and renamed The Metro in 1950, it has operated alternatively as a live theatre and cinema until it was converted into a film studio in the late seventies.
Production highlights during its theatrical operations included Idiot’s Delight and Hair.
In 2019 the theatre was sold to property developer Abacus Group and is currently awaiting a NSW Heritage Office report.
The Metro/Minerva Theatre Action Group (MTAG) has been formed to gather public support and lobby public and private interests to come together to reactivate the theatre as a live performance venue.
MTAG also say that the reactivation of the Metro-Minerva Theatre as a performance venue will also invigorate the Kings Cross/Potts Point area and help undo some of the economic damage done by the Lockout Laws and Covid-19.
By signing this petition you are showing your support for action to help restore an important historical theatre to its intended purpose, live theatre.

Photo credit: Peter Sheridan AM

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Petition Closed

This petition had 4,304 supporters

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