Remember Graham Pampling

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Brisbane has lost one of its great people, Graham Pampling. Who after a lifetime of playing his saxophone for all of Brisbane in the Queen Street Mall, passed away in 2019 leaving only memories behind.

If you grew up in Brisbane, you knew Graham. Chances are you also petted his Labradors, and gave him a gold coin for his music as you passed by. Graham was a beloved constant in a rapidly evolving city. He was an example that adversity could always be overcome, passions could always be pursued and that it was still possible to rely on the kindness of the people of Brisbane. Graham was also more than just a musician and a busker. He donated his time to charitable efforts such as helping young blind children learn how to use computers and set them on a path of greater success in life.

We’re writing this letter and asking for signatures to demonstrate the desire of Brisbane to keep Graham Pampling’s memory alive. We would love to see a statue of him in the Queen Street Mall, busking with his Labradors for every resident and visitor of Brisbane for all time to come.

His story is a powerful and positive reminder that no matter what happens to you in life, there is always room for joy and happiness, all you have to do is share your passion with the world to find it.

Graham touched all our lives, the least we can do is never forget him, his music and his best friends.

Thank you Graham.

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