Strong laws against sexual harrasement cases ,animal cruelty cases

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Recently i read an article where a guy raped a puppy and dumped it in dustbin left it bleeding to death ..if you are also thinking about where humanity has gone then its right there far apart in the graveyard the grave without any flowers either..not only animals marital rape is also very common.Read any newspaper you will find not less than 10 rape news in that paper...what i think should be done is.

1. An anti sexual harrasement and animal cruelty body should be set up in each and every police station consisting of both male and female police officials as well as a medical examiner.This body should handle only rape and cruelty cases.

2.The role of medical examiner should be to examine the victim generate the report and if the victim is found to be really suffering then the culprit should be arrested in the time period of 1 week.

3.Death sentence or the one that victim decides for the culprit should be the final call of punishment.

4.False claims should also be dealt with stringently.

I recently came across a news that in Madhya Pradesh Raping a minor will lead to death sentence it is very good move and should be appreciated all the way but why only minor why not animals and non minors 

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