new Gun City location - Richmond

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Not against the organisation - against the LOCATION. We believe this is disgustingly inappropriate and and appalling. Located ideally and conveniently for locals to easily obtain unnecessary gun licenses and purchase dangerous weapons. Bright colours, public advertising, and located in a populous area, right next to Kmart, which is visited by many teenagers, children, and members of the public everyday. Heavy volumes of people and vehicles as it is near a shopping mall and grocery store. Situated only 750 metres away from a PRIMARY school, attended everyday by children between the age of 5 and 13, and less than 1 kilometre away from local intermediate and college. Some of these children are nearing the age of being able to acquire a gun license in the near future, and having this local purchase branch and public convenience is making this appear okay. Local children growing up in Richmond should not be raised where there is a gun shop next to The Warehouse, Kmart, and Couplands etc. This store being situated here is UNACCEPTABLE for the Nelson Region.