Petitioning Bucks County Commissioner Rob Loughery and 7 others

Preserve Patterson Farm! Protect Patterson Farm with an agricultural deed restriction.

Patterson Farm in Bucks County, PA has been growing food for 333 years. Your signature supports perpetual farm preservation for one of Pennsylvania's finest farms. Local farms matter. Sign and share!

Farmers Thomas and Alice Patterson had REFUSED ALL OFFERS from developers. They wanted to preserve their farm. Lower Makefield Township officials used an Eminent Domain taking to obtain the Pattersons' beloved farm, paying the elderly landowners only a fraction of what developers had offered.

ELECTED OFFICIALS PROMISED PRESERVATION BUT HAVE NEVER DEED RESTRICTED THE MAJORITY OF PATTERSON FARM. They have engaged in demolition by neglect, allowing the condition of the farm structures to decline, while collecting income from the farm. Now they support proposed zoning changes and Commercial development that will alter Patterson Farm forever, and may lead to the end of the farms use for agriculture. Selling and re-zoning any part of this irreplaceable farm is unacceptable. Before her death, Alice Patterson expressed her fears that elected officials would "ruin the farm." Help make sure that does not happen.

Tillage of the land should continue in perpetuity for the benefit of present and future generations, as farmers Thomas and Alice Patterson had wished. The historic homes and barns should not be parceled off for sale or be demolished, but should be restored, as they are essential to the farms continuing use for farming. The farms' open spaces and agricultural use co-exist peacefully with neighbors, and with the native wildlife that inhabit its lush woodlands and serene wetlands. Please preserve Patterson Farm NOW!


Letter to
Bucks County Commissioner Rob Loughery
Bucks County Commissioner Charles Martin
Bucks County Commissioner Diane Ellis Marseglia
and 5 others
Chairman, Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors Jeff Benedetto
Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors Kristin Tyler
Lower Makefield Township Supervisor Judi Reiss
Lower Makefield Township Supervisor John Lewis
Lower Makefield Township Supervisor David Fritchey
I care about the future of Patterson Farm, and I support its preservation. Farming has been the cornerstone of our American heritage since our country's earliest days. Farming is essential for our future food security. Please honor, protect, and continue the legacy that began over 330 years ago by permanently preserving Patterson Farm for present and future generations of food crop growth. I believe the preservation of the Patterson Farm, with its historic homes and buildings intact, is a step toward responsible stewardship of the farm by Lower Makefield Township. Tax dollars paid to preserve the farm. Please DO THE RIGHT THING, STOP the sale of any part of Patterson Farm and deny the proposed zoning changes. Patterson Farm is too precious to be squandered on development.

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