Farms are Essential

Farms are Essential

February 9, 2013
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Why this petition matters

Started by Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. 501c3

Your signature supports a sustainable future for Patterson Farm. Help preserve local agriculture, early American history and natural habitat.

Patterson Farm in Bucks County, PA was founded in 1683 by Quaker immigrant Thomas Janney, a member of William Penn's Provincial Council. It has been farmed continuously for 340 years. It’s a National Register historic landmark.

In 1998 Lower Makefield Township obtained ownership of the 234-acre Patterson Farm by Eminent Domain taking/sale from farmers Thomas & Alice Patterson, paying $7.2M, well below market value. The Patterson's had owned and taken fastidious care of their magnificent farm for nearly 50 years. Pride of ownership showed then, but no more.

Today the farm is in sad disrepair, defunded and poorly managed by the governing body. Taxpayers question, where have all the funds derived from the farm gone? To raise awareness of the farm’s plight we submitted a successful application to have Patterson Farm listed on Preservation Pennsylvania's At-Risk list We continue to advocate for its proper stewardship.

Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. We’ve proposed to create Patterson Agriculture & Heritage Center in historic Satterthwaite House on Patterson Farm. We’ll assist the township with fundraising and perpetual maintenance. We’ll restore Satterthwaite as our home base and offer educational programming that connects the community to the earth and our agrarian heritage.

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Agriculture, history and unspoiled natural areas matter. Thank you for supporting preservation. 

The board of Patterson Farm Preservation Inc 501(c)3



Support now
Signatures: 7,525Next Goal: 10,000
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