Adult Change Rooms in Shopping Centres and govt buildings

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There are people with disability who use continence products, and are unable to sit on a toilet. Providing a "disabled access" toilet just doesn't cut it for some people. I have a right to use toilet facilities just like "normal" people, when I'm shopping, attending a show at Riverside Theatres, at the movies, and so on.

Westpoint Blacktown shopping centre has an adult change room where I can be transferred onto an adjustable change table using a ceiling hoist. This is the best thing ever! I can go to Westpoint, knowing my carer can attend to my personal care, then I continue with my shopping like everyone else in the community.

Personal story
I have severe cerebral palsy and also suffer spasmodic episodes of intense pain which is only relieved by my getting out of my wheelchair. Recently I was shopping at Castle Towers when I had a 'pain episode'. My carer pushed my chair through the centre trying to find somewhere I could lie down. She finished up lifting me onto the baby change table in the parents room. She hurt her back doing this; also, I was too big for the change table, but at least I was out of my chair and beginning to feel relief from my pain. My mother arrived and helped the carer lift me back into my wheelchair. I then left the shopping centre as by then I needed personal care, and there was nowhere my carer could attend to this.