Stop the tourist development of Murramarang National Park

Stop the tourist development of Murramarang National Park

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You may not be aware but there is a proposal to turn Murramarang National Park into a premier tourist destination. The primary objective of the proposed plan is to significantly increase tourist numbers through the park for what it states is the benefit of local communities. I ask you to consider the following impacts this proposal will have on what is one of the best untouched stretches of coastline you all love

  • The primary driver for this plan is increasing visitor numbers not what is best for the park environment or local communities.
  • Increased vehicle traffic putting pressure on already cramped parking spaces meaning locals will be shut out of areas due to overcrowding. There will also be increased animal casualties along roads in and out of the park.
  • Increased litter along trail and surrounding village areas.
  • Increased foot traffic along beaches between South and North Durras and the impact on shorebird nesting areas and dune systems.
  • Northern Murramarang Park is still recovering from bush fire impact and Southern Murramarang is the last green sanctuary area remaining. Why develop it into a large scale tourist attraction.
  • No indication on how crowd numbers will be managed and how NPWS will be able to cope with increased visitors. Already a big problem with illegal camping in the park. This plan will only exacerbate the problem.
  • The walking track sections will be several hours long with no amenities.

If you would like to retain this untouched landscape for your children and generations to come, say no to this development and make your voices heard. This is a beautiful natural resource that shouldn’t be pimped out for a quick dollar. Sign the petition.

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