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Stop plans for Childminder Agencies

Childminders do not want agencies.   We believe that agencies will confuse parents and create a 2 tier system, erode parental choice as they will match parents to childminders and that agencies will push up fees because someone - either parents or childminders - will have to pay for them. We believe that as agency childminders will not be individually inspected by OFSTED this could potentially create a safeguarding risk. Childminder agencies will be damaging to established childminding businesses because they will only offer support to childminders who join their agency. Why do Childminders NEED an agency?? We don't is the answer! We like to be self-employed and continue to run our own successful, independent small businesses. Above all else WE CARE about the children, parents and our businesses! Why have the government only singled out Childminders to have agencies?? Why have they not proposed that playgroups or day care nurseries are run by agencies too?? We want the government to leave childminders alone.   Please sign this petition to get our voice heard!


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