Lions, Tigers and Other Exotic Animals Are Not Pets

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Did you know, that in Ontario it is Illegal to own a pitbull, but perfectly legal to keep a pet lion or tiger? In Ontario, there is a ban on owning Pitbulls, as well as any other dog that has physical characteristics substantially similar to them. It is fully legal however, to keep exotic animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys, or kangaroos in your home, backyard, or business establishment, under Ontario law.

It has become evident that cruel establishments have been exploiting exotics and other animals for profit and entertainment. Many of these exotic animals come from animal auctions, where there are no regulations on where these animals come from, or where they are going. Many of these animals disappear, never to be seen again, or many end up as pets or zoo animals, often neglected due to the level of care they require.

It should be illegal to own any exotic animals in Ontario, unless someone has proper liscensing, and can give proof that they can provide for that animal(s) properly and financially. Ontario has an epidemic of animals in shelters, and it is imperative to pass protection laws and regulations for all animals, so they do not contribute to the overpopulation of homeless animals. 

We need a government facilitated organization where exotic animals can be surrendered to, so they do not end up in worse conditions than where they began, and so that they do not contribute to the epidemic of stray and abandoned animals in Ontario. 

All animal auctions that provide unregulated, unregistered animals in Ontario, should be shut down. Animals being sold in Ontario need to be regulated, the people who sell them and own them need to be licensed, and animals need to be tracked, so they do not end up in unqualified hands, and so they are not being illegally sourced or shipped. Thank you.


Fast Facts : Lions can stay with their mothers for up to two years in the wild, and an adult lions roar, can carry as far as five miles! 

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