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Limit Terms for the US Senate and Congress

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Living through a recession is tough on America.  Even tougher on Americans is reading or listening to Senators and members of Congress wasting time doing battle with each other. The lobbyist's pull is so strong in Washington that unless we eradicate the DC two step as constituents; nothing of true value will be accomplished for the Citizens of the United States of America.

It is my proposal to all Americans that members of Congress or the Senate are limited to two consecutive terms in office.  That way we will allow other Americans with fresher thinking, more in tune with what we need now, and into the future of our children and their grandchildren. We need lawmakers who can think outside of the box. We need new lawmakers who will not be bullied by long-term members of the Senate or Congress or swayed by monetary bribes.

In writing this petition it is my hope to do away with lobbyists who make these pay-outs to the Senate and Congress, that has been deemed acceptable for far too long. These lobbyists are the true power in DC spending hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes for their employers in the financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, buiding industry, energy sectors and on and on.  We are paying the price for these pay-outs with no true regulation in place to protect America's constituents.

While we raise our voices repeatedly we have found that we are ignored. The greatest victory America has had in a long time is the election of President Obama by a landslide vote.  We voted for change here in America as it was time. Our President has inherited a horrid mess by the previous administration that cannot be fixed in one year; especially with continued criticism and lack of regard for what Americans need NOW, not later.  If we do not set legal precedent now we may very well never get it.

The previous administration left America in such massive debt that our President and representatives need to find a way of working TOGETHER, such as they should, to help bring the US back to a balanced budget.  And, spend our money here at home to take care of American's first so that we may once again be a great, patriotic nation that we once were.

Time for pointing fingers is gone and time for accountability is here.  Should we stand up to the Congress and Senate, banned together as American's supporting America, we will most certainly win what our country needs and that is bi-partisan cooperation for the greater good.

We the people deserve jobs, homes, a great healthcare system, solid educations for all of our children and peace.  Then, if other nations need our help we will most certainly be able to help; however help begins at home here in America.  Children who are not hungry and receive a great education, no matter of the location of their schools, will become the leaders of this great country into the future.  That is what America needs now.

The only way I can see as an American Citizen is to stop the bickering; clean house at the Senate and Congressional levels and bring in leaders who can not only think outside of the box yet lead America back to greatness by working with our elected officials to do so.

It is time for Americans to join hands, regardless of partisanship, and acknowledge enough is enough. We have no more time for in-house fighting. We have a lot to accomplish and we need the cooperation of our representatives in DC.  If they chose not to listen to their constituents than they need not run for office in Washington again as we not only don't want them, we don't need them anymore.

The time for change is now. Please help all of America receive the benefits that only our country can bestow upon us to lead us down a greater path of freedom, liberty and justice.






Americans cannot be bought; thus we need to clean house literally.


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