Stop the proposed new development in Liberty Village

Stop the proposed new development in Liberty Village

March 8, 2021
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Liberty Village Residents
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Why this petition matters

Started by Erin Marsden

We have an opportunity to respond to the application received by the City for three more towers, proposed for the village. It would be part of the Metro space, as well as above the Aroma café. The whole proposal description can be found at then search “Application Information Centre” for 61 Hanna.

Dear Councillor Cressy and City Planners,
In response to the proposal containing three towers in the middle of Liberty Village, I am submitting my objection with the below rationale for your consideration. Liberty Village does not have enough infrastructure to support an additional 850 dwelling units. Specific negative impacts will and could include:
- Emergency services access and response time will put residents at risk
- increased negative impact to available usable greenspace (already low according to City of Toronto Final Parkland Strategy)
- further increase in traffic density on the one lane of traffic through the area due to increased residents is un-tenable
- interim and ongoing volume of high pollutant construction and service vehicles will be high
- predicted risk to cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers due to added traffic and increasing wear on roads (aka potholes!)
- requirement to provide school buses for additional residents is high fiscal and environmental cost (no existing schools for residents)
- predicted negative impact to the one transit route in the village during the years of construction due to blocked lanes
- predict huge negative impact to the two lanes of traffic with anticipated lane closures
- negative impact to Wheeltrans service in the core
- shadow to both the retail and existing park, leaving the core of the village without sunlight for the full duration of the day for most of the year
- inadequate city services (e.g. libraries, community centres, sports fields, etc) will be further notable for an even larger population within the city
- increased foot traffic on already inadequate sidewalks (complete bottle neck predicted)
- insufficient parking for construction workers during build period leading to increased congestion for years
- with 2019 provincial guideline changes to construction regulations, a potential for construction noise for 7 days/week exists
- access to remaining local retailers will be negatively impacted for residents due to proximity to construction congestion
- insufficient transit is already an issue along the main corridors (e.g. King) and further volume can’t be accommodated

Please sign the petition by April 11th and let the City of Toronto know, that you oppose this new development in Liberty Village.

Support now
Signatures: 1,491Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

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