Annastacia Palaszczuk & Jeanette Young to make a national apology to Nathan Turner family

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Please sign our petition to “DEMAND” a National Apology & written letter to Nathan Turners family and fiancé Simone Devon including the community of Blackwater from the Premier of QLD - Annastacia Palaszczuk & Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young. 

Your leadership created emotional, mental and physical trauma to the loved ones of Nathan’s family & friends and especially to his fiancé Simone who endured so much pain then anyone else. Nathan’s passing was used as tool to create chaos and panic to a community, state and a country. You should be ashamed of yourself and if you had any human decency left then you will apologise for creating trauma to this family whilst you caused panic to our community. A family had to silently grieve in pain as they watched a nation be lied too about Nathan’s cause of death. 

Nathan’s autopsy report was released to his family and staff can report that he was CLEARED as COVID 19 NEGATIVE !!!!

This is unacceptable behaviours from our leaders in power who forced a family to sit in silence and not to comment about the chaos they were about to inflict on our state. The lies that were fed from our leaders to hungry savage media outlets and internet trolls caused more damage then good. 

The emotional, mental, social and physical trauma your chaos caused has broke a family to pieces. A mother & father have lost their son a fiancé now struggles to sleeps alone without her partner.   

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been directly impacted by this whole ordeal, and the little community of Blackwater.

Never believe a story created from reporters if they have no heart or compassion or at the least the common sense to add up the peices. 

Rest in Love - Nathan