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Libby's Law

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If there is proof of rape, incest or illegal sexual activity, this law would support the argument that it should automatically veto the abusers parental rights should the victim, regardless of age or situation, become pregnant and keep the child or choose adoption. 

This is being supported by the AG of Oregon as well as many other politician

Though the Consititution states that both the offender and the victims rights are protected as parents, it does not state anywhere that if a rape occurred, it would be possible to terminate the rights of the offender. Libby's Law would change that.

I am gathering signatures to prove that there is support and a need for this kind of law around the world, much to the disbelief and dismissal of many courts, police officers and abusers themselves who know that the law allows them access to reabuse and victimize through paternity. As of right now in most of the states, the constitution protects and overlooks their manipulation of the system and a victims rights to privacy and safety. Judges are not trained to spot domestic violence past physical evidence. In many cases, that's all they look for in regards to proof of abuse. They are not trained professionals to recognize intimidation, emotional and mental abuse or, often, brainwashing. More often, they do not take the testimony of a minor victim seriously and ultimately throw it out of court. They will often order the victim to be evaluated by counselors who are not even themselves trained professionals to spare time and cost for the defendant and tax payers. It's more common than you think and sadly, disturbing.

So many victims are misled to think that they will have justice and an open and shut case not realizing that Libby's Law is not current in the US and only four recognise the "special circumstances", making it possible to terminate the abuser's parental rights. THAT IS ASTONISHING that there are more women and young girls out there, just like me, suffering just the same plightand not being heard. They are either too afraid to report it, too afraid to speak up or they are being abused by someone they know and can't get away.  I didn't trust everyone else around me to protect me in and out of court. I took it upon myself to go a step further, learna bout the laws and my rights and make a national awareness to this issue, and hopefully pass a law.

To myself and the majority of people I tell my story to and gain the support of, it's a no brainer that the offender should have 0 rights if such an event took place, especially in the cases of incest.

It's certainly unjust and cruel for the victim but also puts her back to that fretful night when she was raped in the first place.

I refuse, as a victim, to believe that my bill or my right to justice is not a possibility. Anything is possible.
I'm certainly living proof.

Thanks again for your support and interest.  

This bill is inspired by my story, based on the book, "The Girl In The Mirror: A Memoir"

You can find it on facebook as well as Libby's Law in the page search. Please fan it and pass it along.


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