Stop the closure of our local nursery

Stop the closure of our local nursery

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gemma welsh started this petition to Lewisham Council and

Sadly today I got the news that out local nursery is closing down

This is a very difficult letter to write and to be honest I do not know where to begin.

The land that the nursery stands on is owned by Lewisham council and I lease the land from them. Back in December 2019 I signed a lease for 5 years with the assurance that even if Lewisham decided to develop the empty land adjacent to the nursery we would not be affected as a nursery in this area was very much needed.

To my devastation Lewisham have had a change of heart and have actioned a clause in the lease for us to vacate the building and land by the end of March 2021.

We have written to the council, the local MP’s, the Mayor of Lewisham and Lewisham Early Years stressing how important the nursery is for the local community.                                                           We have many parents who work as Doctors, nurses, care assistants, vulnerable children and those with SEND.

Sadly, the Council, MP’s and the Mayor all feel that housing takes a priority over our amazing nursery. Initially the council had promised to find us a new site in the local area but have now back tracked on their promise and left it to me to find a new site.

Since receiving this news I have been searching tirelessly to find somewhere suitable. This has proved extremely difficult due to the restriction caused by Covid 19, Christmas Closing dates and not being able to find a suitable building with outdoor space.                                                                               Having said this just before Christmas I was able to view an amazing building next to Forest Hill train Station (I know its not that local) and I am hoping to get a date to view the old tool hire shop around the corner in a few weeks’ time. These both seem to have great potential and as soon as I hear ANYTHING I will let you know.

I truly do understand that this will be devastating news for you and please be assured I am doing everything humanly possible to find a place for us to move to.

I understand that you will have a million questions and Vanessa and I will be available to answer them in person. I will be in Nursery on Wednesday and Friday to speak to anyone who would like to see me and Vanessa will be here for the rest of the time.

The team were only told yesterday so I would please ask that you not ask them any questions as they extremely sad and could potentially be losing their jobs if I cannot find a new site.

Below I have added the email address’ for

Tiffany Gordon (Lewisham Early Years)

James Ringwood (In charge of building project and moving us off the site)

Damien Egan (Mayor of Lewisham)    

Vicky Foxcroft (MP for Lewisham)

All of these people are aware of our situation and have been contacted many times. Sadly, they have advised us there is nothing they can do. If we could even stay until the end of the Summer term for the children who are leaving for school this would be a huge help. Please feel free to email and explain the impact this will have on you as families and working parents.

I promise I will do everything I possibly can for us to continue with our amazing nursery, this is just too devastating for us all.

My son is 3 years old and attends this nursery he very much speech delayed and stuggles with communicating with people since being at lammas Green he really has improved on his social skills and built an amazing bond with his peers. As a parent I have seen his trust levels builed with those who have been consistent in his life. Lammas Green have been nothing but loving caring and patient with my son and his needs. There are alot of parents that rely on the nursery and its staff so please help us to keep this vibrant nursery open just even if its for a little longer 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!