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TANJA FOREST abounds with wildlife, including over a dozen threatened species like the Powerful Owl, Yellow Bellied Glider, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Eastern Pygmy Possum, Sooty Owl, Swift Parrot & Gang Gang Cockatoo.
- Logging is planned for within 40m of the estuary wetlands at Mogareeka.
► Areas of logged forest will be visible from Tathra & Bega.
► Bushfire risk to both towns will escalate as the regrowth forest becomes more dry and dense. Evidence from the Victorian bushfires shows that dense young regrowth forest is much more fire prone than old, moist, unlogged forest.
► Aboriginal sites in the forest will be put at risk by destructive logging machinery.
► Soil disturbance and forest degradation releases millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.
► The forest was the venue for the inaugural inaugural Tathra Enduro Mountain Bike Race which has the potential to attract many visitors to Tathra and the Bega Valley.
►Native forest logging in NSW loses between $15 and $8 million a year for State taxpayers and converts priceless assets into low value, high volume products such as woodchips.
► The loss of amenity and environmental degradation of the area are a high price to pay for 5,000 of woodchips valued at less than $16 per tonne.

Letter to
Forests NSW CEO Nick Roberts,
Member for Bega Andrew Constance MP
Minister for Primary Industry Katrina Hodgkinson MP
and 3 others
Friends of Chinnock
Regional Manager, Forests NSW Daniel Tuan
Planning Manager, Forests NSW Lee Blessington
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Forests NSW and State Government.

I am requesting that Tanja Forest be protected from woodchipping, specifically that Forests NSW:
1. immediately halt all plans to log in Tanja State Forest until independent scientific surveys establish beyond doubt that:

- No harm was done to the forest, the wildlife, the topsoil and the surrounding waterways by the previous round of logging in the Tanja State Forest.

- The impacts of logging and regrowth will not increase fuel loads or bushfire threats to Tathra, Bega and residents living within the forest itself.

2. The temporary suspension of plans to log compartment 2108 be made permanent and the compartment be rezoned as a protected flora reserve.

3. That if future logging should occur in Tanja State Forest, Forests NSW be restricted to low volume, sustainable saw logs only: no woodchips.



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