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I am a mother of a beautiful little girl named Anna, whom we adopted. Due to her biological mother’s carelessness and addiction, Anna was born with drugs in her system that caused her to have to live the first month and two days of her life in Neonatal Intensive Care. To help wean Anna from the drugs that were put into her system by the woman who was supposed to protect her, doctors had to put her on Methadone. Anna was in and out of the hospitals for a long time due to her addiction. She is now a happy two year old and doing great. I feel that she was one of the lucky babies who did survive, because not all babies born to substance abuse are able to go home. According to a recent federal government report estimated that in the United States each year at least 320,000 babies are born exposed to alcohol and illicit drugs while in the uterus; a far larger number have been exposed, inutero to sedatives and other drugs here are some of the side effects:

Even after some babies are released from the hospital, they are placed right back into the arms of the mother who exposed them to substance abuse in the first place. I feel as a mother of a child born to substance abuse, it is my duty as a mother and a human being to stand up and let my voice be heard. I say put a stop to these neglectful mothers putting their innocent baby’s life at risk by exposing them to drugs, they're many prenatal programs out there where mothers with substance abuse problems could get help and treatment to achieve having a healthy baby, please talk to your dr and get help also you can go to 

I feel it is our duties as human being's to give these babies a voice. Mothers that choose not to take advantage of the help that is being offered should have some form of punishment for what they're doing to their unborn babies. Please if they choose not to get help. Put an Anna law in place and make it a felony child abuse and neglect charge for mothers that willingly put drugs into their unborn baby’s system. Babies are not asked to be brought into this world, so why put them through all of the unnessacery painful withdraws of substance abuse, and send the mother home with a slap on the wrist. These women must be held accountable for their actions. These babies are born with a life sentence of addiction, without chance for parole and never knowing the crime they commited. They're no shame in getting help for your addiction. Stand up and join me in the battle for innocent babies to be able to live a normal life without all of the troubling side effects of substance abuse.  Thank you.

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