Let’s Make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law!

Let’s Make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law!

May 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Peter Hamilton

Let’s Make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law!!

While we are trying to find ways to protect people and animals from the Covid-19 pandemic we can and must also control all environmental pollution! One of the ways to achieve a healthier world is government funding of the most effective Tertiary Sewage Treatment! We must protect the health of wildlife and people!

Orcas are facing extinction! Pollution is one of the three major threats to the Southern Resident Killer Whales! They have lived and died for decades in increasingly polluted waters!

In order to protect people, animals and ecosystems money must be spent now for the best available technology. Many governments are planning to upgrade aging sewer treatment systems to only Secondary Treatment. If they do, households and industries will continue polluting land and water habitats. Implementing the present most effective Tertiary Treatment can’t wait for another 10 to 30 years with the increasing human population wastes, future increased costs and more pollution related health care costs!

The Life and Death Issues:

1.  Canadian Government States: “The minimum treatment standard in the Municipal Wastewater Regulation is secondary, while sensitive environments require additional treatment.”

In a joint Canadian and US study of the Great Lakes “six chemicals were detected frequently and had a low rate of removal in treated effluent: an herbicide, an anti-seizure drug, two antibiotic drugs, an antibacterial drug and an anti-inflammatory drug.”

The life threatening contaminates include bioaccumulative toxins sush as pesticides, microplastics, PCBs, DDT, PFOS, PFOA, copper, phthalates, bisphenols, and more. 

What about viruses such as the Covid-19? Wastewater treatment plants must be able to treat all viruses and other pathogens.

Stop All Pollution! All Environments Are “Sensitive”!

2. The lowest, ineffective Primary Treatment continues! That means that this sewage continues to pollute oceans! It is irresponsible that some cities are only considering upgrading to Secondary Treatment.

Governments Must Legally Mandate Tertiary Sewage Treatment!

3. Canadian Government States: “Upgrades to at least secondary treatment are being completed in the coming years at three major treatment plants discharging into the Salish Sea (which is critical habitat for southern resident killer whales), specifically Victoria, BC Capital Regional District and Metro Vancouver, BC North Shore projects with a target of end of 2020 and Vancouver Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plants (3) with a target of end of 2030.”

Stop Polluting Homes of Cetaceans and other Marine Life Now! Not in 10 Years!

4. Canadian Government States: “All levels of government are also looking at prevention methods to avoid the release of chemicals such as pharmaceuticals and contaminants that could harm southern resident killer whales. Examples of successful prevention activities are: sewer use bylaws; educational campaigns on what should not go down the drain; and, improvements to storm water systems and regulations to prevent the use or disposal of harmful chemicals.”

“Education” and “Regulations” DID NOT stop all of the pollution! More Enforcement is Necessary! Companies still falsely claim that “Flushable” sanitary wipes can be dumped into sewage systems!

5. Comox Valley Council/British Columbia Government: They are claiming that their Secondary Treatment is sufficient because it is sometimes close to Tertiary Treatment. Also, the conveyor pipes to plants leaked into Baynes Sound marine habitat with Orcas, Humpbacks, salmon and others.  It has been leaking sewage in the fragile Salish Sea! They will also be surveying public opinion on costs etc. for a new pipe line system!

Secondary Treatment is Not Good Enough! The plan must be to remove 100% all the time. Being “close" is not protecting the health of everyone and continues harmful ocean dumping. The new conveyor pipe line must be the most effective upgrade plan no matter what the costs for building, ongoing operations and maintenance costs may be! No More Leaks!

6. Village of Cumberland/British Columbia Government: They are planning for only Secondary Treatment. The BC Government have repeatedly issued warnings about their sewage treatment!  In 2019 they were fined $85,800.

Be Eco Friendly! Go to Tertiary Treatment!

7. Powel River Council/British Columbia Government:  On August 27, 2019 the City of Powell River was awarded $30,400,000 from the Government of Canada and $25,330,800 from the Province of British Columbia for a total of $55,730,800 in funding for a new wastewater treatment plant.

They claim "It (Tertiary) is not a requirement to be met at this time and to our knowledge to date there are no regulations in Canada for the reduction or removal of contaminants of emerging concern and/or  microplastics from treated wastewater effluent, including contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and hormones."

8.  Trans Boundary Sewage Treatments Plants Harming Salmon, Orcas and All Life!

All sewage treatment facilities must be immediately upgraded to the highest health safety standards in Canada and the US. This will have one of the most important impacts on Saving the Salmon Habitats that is urgent to Save Orcas and to mend the Broken Ocean Food Chain! For decades the SRKWs orcas were directly exposed to dangerous sewage pollutants when they tried to survive in waters off Vancouver, Victoria, Comox Valley, Powell River and all along the BC and US Coasts!

We urge Governments to Stop Sewage Pollution Health Hazards to People, Animals and Ecosystems!

We urge Governments to take immediate actions to upgrade all sewage treatment plants to the most effective Tertiary Sewage Treatment! Make it it the law!

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Signatures: 14,730Next Goal: 15,000
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