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Camera2 API For the ZUK Z2

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The ZUK Z2 is an amazing phone for the price bar the software, But that isn't why I'm signing this petition. The camera on this phone seems pretty good for the most part untill you find out that in 2016 when it was released it lacked Camera2 API support, For most flagships of 2016 it was pretty standard to have API2 but despite Google phasing out API 1 and deprecating it back after the release of Android 5.0

You guys still ended up not including API 2 Support preventing the proper implementation of features like RAW photo support.

But in the development space most of all it renders the device incapable of running a port of the Google camera app, With it's amazing HDR always on mode which I think is a wasted opportunity especially with the huge development following this device has.


I hope this petition reaches the people in Lenovo or The people at ZUK Mobile responsible for the software

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