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Since 2004 Wisconsin has flat out banned gay marriage, only granting domestic partnerships. With almost 200,000 openly gay citizens living in the state, it is a violation of their human rights to not allow them the equal treatment of their straight composite couples.

The majority of the Wisconsin state government is against gay marriage with the republicans outnumbering the democrates 19:15 in the senate and 60:38 in the state assembly. In 2009 Former Gov. Jim Doyle proposed legalizing same-sex marriage which was eventiually shot down. (Stats, 2011)

Marrige is a human right and should be availible to all regardless of sexual orientation. Join this petition to add your voice to the many who already speak out.

Letter to
State Senator Scott Fitzgerald
State Senator Mark Miller
State Senator Michael Ellis
and 6 others
State Representative Scott Suder
State Representative Peter Barca
Governor Scott Walker
Wisconsin State House
Wisconsin State Senate
Wisconsin Governor
We, signed below, will give our full support to legalize a human right. We urge you to do the same and legalize same-sex marriage,

Given former Governor Doyle's support for legalization we ask that you follow in his footsteps regarding this issue and with utmost haste, give equality to Wisconsin's nearly 200,000 LGBTQ persons. Actions speak louder than words, and we have chosen to take action.

A fair Wisconsin votes for the equality of her people, we ask for your support in helping us achieve the task of making Wisconsin a truly fair State.

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