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Legalize Body Freedom

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Everyone on this planet was born nude. We were taught early in our lives to be ashamed of our bodies and to cover our flesh so no one can see it. We were told it was shameful for anyone to see us naked, but this is a lie. There is nothing sinful or wrong with the human body. It is the most beautiful and perfect organism on this world, but our laws continue to tell us we cannot be nude in the open, in public, or we will be arrested and thrown in jail. This is wrong. This must be changed. Everyone has the right to decide what can be done with their own bodies and that includes whether they wear clothes or walk the streets nude. No one should be incriminated simply because they choose to live their lives openly in public the way they were born. This petition demands that Congress and the President of the United States of America recognize and declare that all citizens of this nation have the right under the Constitution to live their lives as they choose, and that includes living nude in public, if that is their choice, whether it is their social decision or their religious conviction. This petition demands that Nudist Americans be recognized as a legal minority along with African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and every other recognized minority that is protected under the Civil Rights Act and included as a protected minority from this moment forward. Nudist Americans have as much equality under the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act as anyone else in America and deserve to be treated as legitimately equal while living in society as everyone else who eats in any restaurant of their choosing, shops in any store of their choosing, and frequents any other establishment of any type no matter what it might be. Nudist Americans should not be ostracized simply because they are not clothed the way others are, because they choose to live as they were born. They need to be granted the rights of living as Nature and God intended by right of birth and any intent to deny them this right is to be viewed and treated as a hate crime just as much as with any other minority currently so recognized.

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