Save the Basin and Channel- Bundeena/Maianbar

Save the Basin and Channel- Bundeena/Maianbar

1 March 2020
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Lee Evans MP and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kerry Wotton

The community of Bundeena and Maianbar need your help to save Cabbage Tree Creek Basin and the Channel from disappearing!

Marine life and sea grass are dying and the mangroves are in danger due to the lack of water flow from the channel to the basin and we need to save this beautiful unique paradise. 

The combination of sand that was dredged decades ago and then built up on Deeban Spit and sand washing over from Cronulla beaches in storms over time, is choking the channel and it’s struggling to survive. 
Without proper flow through the channel, Cabbage Tree Creek basin will die.

The Royal National Park administration has disappointingly declined to take any action, saying they are leaving it for nature to take its course!  This problem has been caused by man made dredging in the first place so we need to take action. 

Marine life and sea grass are dying now. Water quality is decreasing, mangroves are suffering and water flow is low. 

A local ecologist has kindly taken the time to investigate this further and they have never seen the area in this condition. They believe action needs to be done now before the area deteriorates beyond repair. 
They also stated, If the channel is open and I’m wrong, then the ecosystem will be essentially restored to how it was originally. However, if those stating otherwise are wrong and we don’t open up the channel, we are heading for an environmental disaster that could potentially cause a decrease in fish stocks throughout the Port Hacking. We need to consider how few areas of seagrass we have in the Port Hacking, those are basically the only fish nurseries we have remaining in the area.

Just like Cronulla Beaches get groomed back after a storm, our paradise needs this too to survive. 

Action needs to be taken NOW and we need your help to save our beloved Basin and channel. 



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Signatures: 1,255Next goal: 1,500
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