Show Love for Dr. Fauci #love4fauci #hateisnotOK

Show Love for Dr. Fauci #love4fauci #hateisnotOK

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Started by L. Kashinn

Families are the foundation of society. In functional families, adults show children how to act with and set standards of love, respect, decency, emotional intelligence, and responsibility.

At least as far back as the children of Adam and Eve, our shared Traditions have taught that lies, meanness, hatefulness, and arrogant pride are not OK because they lead to violence and destruction of families and society. Such behaviors are OFF the mark in every way--socially, intellectually, ethically, and morally. Instead, we must aim for truth, kindness, love, and humility—the universal foundations on which to build a functional future.

Likewise, our wise founding fathers, mothers, and 12 generations since did not permit the US Constitution to be abused. We the people today must affirm—what our highest court has ruled repeatedly— speech which is false and creates a clear and present danger to others is NOT protected by the First Amendment.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a skilled doctor, the topmost expert in epidemiology, who has devoted his entire career to the service of millions of Americans, leading us safely through multiple infectious disease crises. Without regard to political party, with utmost good will and humility, he has served faithfully under Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, Trump, and now Biden. Dr. Fauci is a national hero. And now he has been put in clear and present danger, with death threats to him and his family, all because of outright lies and hateful speech by pundits who refuse to follow established professional ethical journalistic guidelines based on our US Constitution and First Amendment. (See the SPJ Code of Ethics.)

Please watch this 12-minute video opinion piece aired on ABC November 30, 2021 to see true video clips of extreme, outrageous, hateful lies levied against Dr. Fauci which have incited violent behavior.

Pundits and those who spread such lies and hate have exceeded all standards of decency, to levels of dangerous and unacceptable atrociousness. Enough is enough. 

Please join me in calling upon our leaders in the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, and the Executive Branch to sanction to the fullest extent of the law Fox News, its owners, shareholders, employees, the platforms upon which it airs and local affiliates that contribute to their revenue, including its advertisers, as well as any bloggers and other publishers who repeat and perpetuate the lies and hateful speech that equates Dr. Fauci with the criminally insane Nazi Dr. Mengele—all public figures, bloggers, publishers, and platforms who irresponsibly spread such hateful lies that incites violence.

Further, we ask our leaders to immediately draft and pass legislation that reforms libel and slander laws, and to provide remedies against such speech. 

Leaders must play a role in re-educating people to understand the critical difference between fact and opinion--something we teach children in grade school but which 80% of adult Americans are now unable to distinguish, according to Pew (2018.) Years of tolerating media behavior that intermingles lies with fact in uncivil discourse has fomented habitual fear, anger, confusion, and mistrust, damaging the mass intellect and EQ, leaving our nation weak minded and vulnerable.

For decades, we as a society have unwisely tolerated chronic lies and uncivil angry discourse--the planting of seeds of violence—which we now are reaping.

We must clearly affirm factual truth as the standard of protected speech. And we must legally extend the legal definition of unprotected speech from that which incites "clear and present danger" to "clear, present, and future danger." 

By legally distinguishing differences between fact and opinion, between civil speech and legally protected opinion and false and uncivil speech which incites both present and future violence, by amending our slander and libel laws according the spirit of the constitution as intended by the Founders, we can continue as America always have, to move towards a more perfect union. 

Please join me as a functional citizen and family member, as brothers and sisters, to affirm to our younger wayward brethren, that civil discourse and wide ranging opinions about ideas and issues are absolutely OK and fully protected and acceptable--but lies and hateful speech are not OK, because they incite confusion, anxiety, fear, anger, and ultimately violence that destroys lives and the fabric of our society.

Please join me using the hashtags below to affirm that speech inciting death threats to anyone, private or public, as to Dr. Fauci's life and family--and to the lives and families of other doctors, scientists, and anyone who is targeted by such speech because violent rhetoric precedes violent behavior--are UNACCEPTABLE in the United States of America.

We the people must hold our leaders accountable to the same standards of decency to which we hold our children. Children today cannot write, text, or even joke about there being a bomb in school without swift detention and sanctions-- because it is irresponsible and dangerous. It is time we end this hypocrisy. Lies and hate speech by our adult leaders and influencers on air and online should just as swiftly and legally be sanctioned because it is equally irresponsible and dangerous. 

Join me as a citizen family member, to

  • Petition our leaders to amend slander and libel laws
  • Lead ourselves to educate ourselves and restore our own walls between fact and opinion
  • Create our own personal standards of ethics, to confirm facts before forming our own opinions
  • Identify and expose lies, and remove attention from uncivil discourse based upon them
  • Teach others as loving big brothers and sisters on the important difference between fact and opinion and ethical standards of writing, texting, blogging, speaking, and communicating online.

Thank you for signing this petition.

#Love4Fauci #HateIsNotOK #ReformLibelLaws #ReformSlanderLaws #EndHypocrisyNow #HatersAreLosers #LoveIsUniversal #RightsAndResponsibilities #EnoughIsEnough 


49 have signed. Let’s get to 50!