LBTH Unfair RSHE Consultations and Inappropriate Content

LBTH Unfair RSHE Consultations and Inappropriate Content

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Sabina Begum started this petition to LBTH and

The RSHE consultations undertaken by Tower Hamlets (LBTH) Schools have been anything but smooth sailing for us parents/carers and guardians especially in these challenging times.

For the most part of the RSHE consultations

- Began late

- Were halted & delayed

- Closed and leading questions resulting skewed and misleading data

- No translated materials for parents who do not have English as a first language

- Total disregard of the consultation results that went against the LBTH policy position

- Inadequate sharing of resources

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We the parents, guardians, carers and families in Tower Hamlets want to protest in the clearest, loudest and UNIFIED voice. We protest the dictatorial manner by which the LBTH has been presenting and forcing its own ideologies and values upon our children.

We protest against the schools in Tower Hamlets who have listened to the LBTH and continue to look to them for their guidance rather than consulting and working directly with their parents/guardians and carers who are more knowledgeable on the needs of their own children as primary educators and are right under their noses.

We protest against the dictatorial heavy handed approach taken by Tower Hamlets akin to bullying of schools to ensure all LBTH schools follow their policy position blindly and not listen to parents, as is the schools legal right outlined by the DfE.

We protest and strongly reject resources and the guidance recommended by the LBTH, that have risen in recent years by political lobbying that make a mockery of the whole sum and cultivating learning our children need and deserve.

We protest against our parental rights being brushed aside as primary carers. We protest the despicable treatment some of us have had to endure and the terrible labels attached to our good names because we dare to disagree with the LBTH proposed syllabus and recommended resources.

We protest intolerance in this day and age in this democratic country. We protest as our rights as parents/guardians and carers are being eroded and our religious beliefs and concerns are being ignored by LBTH and the schools within the borough.

LBTH and Schools need to understand that we the parents/guardians and carers will instill values in our children and will not allow them to tarnish or malign our values and beliefs.

We demand that our rights as parents/guardians and carers, as law abiding citizens, as LBTH residents, as human beings that schools across LBTH implement a meaningful and reasonable consultation process that incorporates concerns from us as parents. Parents raising concerns must not be passed onto the LBTH and disregarded as this does not comply to the correct statutory consultation process. We will NOT give up where our children are concerned. We will NOT shun away from our responsibilities and we will NEVER give up until we are heard and acknowledged.

LBTH parents/guardians and carers demand that:

1. LBTH and schools scrap all controversial resources including but not exclusive to Jigsaw, Christopher winter project, Stonewall, just like us, Twinkle and the PSHE Association.

2. To hold off all implementation until parents have been consulted fairly and meaningfully.

3. Schools stand up against external pressure from LBTH and listen to their parents by consulting properly and meaningfully. it is not acceptable to have 1 hour consultations with closed question feedback forms with only being given a brief look at resources. Nor is it acceptable to have majority opposing views and still implementing the policy! It is not fair nor acceptable to not allow parents views to be heard!

4. Have an open consultation process and not a restrictive one, with questions being open and not closed. Having closed questions makes the consultation process biased.

5. Schools disregard the LBTH guidance as this has no legal standing!

6. The parents/guardians and carers must be consulted within individual year groups with other parents/guardians and carers so that they can hear all the concerns being raised. Consultations should not be treated as individual exercise and vice versa.

7. Parents must be consulted on the syllabus and resources of all year groups.

8. The revised syllabus MUST reflect the general feel of each schools community, taking into considerations the background, faith and values of each student!

9. Work with the parents and form a better relationship to build a strong foundation for the best for our children!

10. Holding to account the LBTH team responsible for the overreaching tactics that has created this entire disregard for parental rights and silencing of legitimate concerns. The team includes Kate Smith (Healthy Lives Team), Cllr Danny Hassel (Former Cabinet member for Education), Cllr Asma Begum (Current Cabinet member for Education)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!