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These are beloved pets and there is no reason for the cruelty.  Here is my Mothers story:

On August 15th, 2012, the Wayne County police in the town of Ontario, NY, killed my dog, DUKE, right in the house with a shotgun. The police had a warrant and supposedly this was a drug raid, but nobody was arrested for anything.

The dog never even barked, yet I heard one of them say, "He's aggreessive, shoot him".  I'll never forget the sound of that gunshot and the blood flying everywhere. They did all this while forcing me to lay on the bathroom floor, screaming at me to stay down, and holding me at gunpoint.  I couldn't get up if I wanted to. I'm 75 years old, had three strokes and knee replacement, and can hardly walk.  There was nothing I could do to help my pet.

They killed my dog for no reason.  This was the sweetest and most gentle animal anyone could want and I would trust him with a baby. They shot him with a shotgun in such a manner that he ran around in pain and bled all over the house and suffered a slow, cruel death.  There was NO resaon for this kind of treatment.

Unfortunately, this is not the first case where local NY law enforcement has shot and killed innocent pets. In fact, in a Rochester, New York Democrat and Chronicle newspaper article a couple of years ago, Rochester, New York, per capita, lead New York State with the most police shootings of dogs. Although, this shooting of my dog was in Wayne County, it's not far from Monroe County, and is a suburb of Rochester.

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Stop killing pets

These are beloved pets and there is no reason for the cruelty and killing of pets while law enforcement is doing their job. Through training, education, and use of other means to subdue pets, this CAN be stopped and should be stopped! Law enforcement is in place to offer protection to people and property and I would like to see education and training that incorporated these ethics values into their work. I would also like to see a collaborative effort from law makers, government officials, law enforcement, community efforts and concerned citizens to come up with solutions to stop the killing and violence against pets.

Tammy Loquasto

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