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Law Enforcement Insensitive to Perjury crimes in Civil Rights cASES.

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Perjury is a felony crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. Felony no matter where it is committed is against the law in California and in the United States. when Perjury is committed in criminal cases law enforcement and prosecutors use tax payers money to agressively investigate and prosecute to win their case but refuse to do the same in civil rights cases.

Law Enforcement and Prosecutors are denying victims of racial discrimination and civil rights violations equal protection of the law against perjury when they are victimized by the same felony crime of perjury. This is a double standard pracrticed by law enforcement and the prosecution making it discriminatory and even more so racailly discriminatory since the crime emanates in a civil rights discrimination case. BY refusing to prosecute perjury committing by hostile witnesses in civil cases victims are denying equal protection o fthe law and their due process guaranteed by the constitution.

Law neforcement must be mandated to investigate and prosecute perjury committed by hostile witnesses in civil rights cases.

Police, prosecutors and judges all must be held accountable to minority tax payers and enforcement perjury laws against perjury crimes committed in civil rights cases.

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