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LA Kids Deserve Summertime - Start 8/24 (or later) & Fix LAUSDs calendar (8/18 isn't enough)

If you want LAUSD to stop bringing kids back to school in mid-August, please get heard and sign the NEW 2016/17 school year petition today!

The below petition was to affect the 2015/16 school year calendar - and your 3,000 signatures at the time of their vote did provoke debate where we learned that LAUSD test scores did not improve with the early start calendar.  In fact, AP test scores went down.  So please, share the NEW petition with anyone affected by the LAUSD schedule and let's influence a change for the coming year.

This all is in the past: LAUSD voted 3/10/15 to keep the early start calendar for this year August 18th....  Does August 18th really sound that much better to you? No, it'd be a functional correction because the Mon/Tues start dates in August keep creeping 1 day earlier each calendar year, and LAUSD has to do something about it anyway.

Let's really get Summertime back for our families -- instead of pulling us all in for a 4 day week 8/18 (yes that's a Tuesday), I'd like an 8/24 start date and you can ask for that as well right now!  

Imagine if your kids could skip June Gloom and enjoy the warmest weather and water temperatures of the year in August at the beach - like Southern Californians have always done?  Kids from all over the world use our beaches as their August playground.  Don't let LAUSD send kids back to school early -- on the hottest days of the year, in one of the warmest places in our nation!  It's time for a change.

Here's where we can find LAUSD 2 spare weeks -- and if you think it would make your life better too:

-Tell LAUSD they can have that 2nd week of January back - when everyone else is back to school - and we can start 1/4/16 instead of 1/11/16 because that's a useless vacation time and the kids forget too much over a 3 week Winter Break.

- Tell LAUSD the other week can easily be in June, I'm sure this was their plan anyway, because as the dates creep earlier it is a matter of 2-3 years before summer break would start on Memorial Day Weekend! Next year dismissal would be 6/3 and who needs to be out that early when the National Parks are covered in snow and the summer camps are closed. So tell them they can dismiss 6/10/16 instead.

What if we could really solve our issues with the LAUSD calendar?  Stop trying to explain the weird schedule to family and friends, stop turning down Summer travel and camp opportunities?  What if we could get even more Summertime back for LA Kids?  Imagine a start date after Labor Day - like other major US and CA school districts have?  

If you agree, please sign the petition, comment including what grades your children attend (to show Superintendent Cortines that supporters come from all levels of LAUSD), and write in now to,,, Tweet, Blog, tell your friends, it's less than one month 'til the vote 3/10.


This petition will be delivered to:
  • LAUSD School Board Members
  • LAUSD School Board District 6
    Monica Ratliff
  • LAUSD School Board District 5
    Bennett Kayser
  • LAUSD School Board District 4
    Steve Zimmer
  • LAUSD School Board Dist 3
    Tamar Galatzan
  • LAUSD School Board Dist. 2
    Monica Garcia
  • LAUSD School Board Dist. 1
    George McKenna
  • Superintendent's office of LAUSD
  • UTLA President
    Alex Caputo-Pearl
  • LA City Council District 11
    Mike Bonin
  • Mayor Eric Garcetti
    Suzsanna Vincze
  • LAUSD School Board District 7, President
    Richard Vladovic
  • Superintendent of Schools CA Tom Torlakson

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