Bank St. Traralgon Level Crossing - Calls for Change!

Bank St. Traralgon Level Crossing - Calls for Change!

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Most Traralgon/ Gippsland locals have experienced the havoc that is the Bank St / Princes Hwy intersection near the Traralgon Golf Course. 
Many have had near misses. Many have had collisions. People have died.
Yet our local council observe no immediate danger to the public, even taking into account the danger it presents.
When someone, anyone, deliberately avoids a certain intersection because it creates stress and panic, shouldn’t something be done about it? There are also train tracks to deal with, at this intersection.

A round-about is the safest option for public safety. Or! The traffic lights that were promised in 2017!

There are SIX incoming traffic options currently:

• From Bank St, to the golf course 

• From Bank St., to Morwell

• From Bank St., to Traralgon

• From Morwell direction to Bank St.

• From Traralgon direction to Bank St.

• From the golf course to Bank St.

• From the golf course to Morwell 

• From the golf course to Traralgon

.... Should I go on? Imagine a BUSY day! It’s MAYHEM!!

That’s too much, and it’s too dangerous. 

Let’s get going on this before there are more horror stories about this intersection. Sign this petition. Please. 
BROKEN PROMISES: after public outcry for changes to be made:

“I am calling on Minister for Roads to declare to Traralgon residents where their promised money is, get moving and deliver this much need intersection upgrade.” MELINA BATH - Shadow Assistant Minister for Public Land