STOP the Train: Support the NO BUILD Alternative

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Greenbelt Advocates is organizing opposition to the proposed Super-Conducting Magnetic Levitation (SCMaglev) train project. The picture above was taken in the Greenbelt Forest Preserve which is one of the natural areas threatened by the proposed project.

Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail wants to construct and operate a SCMaglev train project between Baltimore and Washington D.C. There are two routes that remain under consideration, both running parallel to the Baltimore Washington Parkway. One of these routes OR the No-Build Alternative will be chosen. We support the No-Build Alternative.

The project, which includes the high-speed train and construction of a completely new infrastructure, will change the character and historic significance of our communities. The project is not economically feasible and will burden Maryland taxpayers. The construction and operation of the project will pollute the environment and cause the loss of trees and green space. The project will adversely impact the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC). The project will significantly reduce our quality of life, lower property values and destroy precious wildlife habitat, which is rapidly disappearing in our communities.

We ask that our elected Federal and State representatives actively support the No-Build Alternative.  When the final decision is made, we ask that the No-Build Alternative is chosen.