Lane Cove Council Fails to Consult Residents to changes to Kingsford Smith Oval

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A Community Consultation is Being Denied by Mayor Pam Palmer to Dog Owning Residents of Lane Cove Council, NSW

40% of families in Lane Cove enjoy having a dog as part of their household.

However, over the years, piecemeal decisions have been made by Lane Cove Council that do NOT reflect the needs of dog owners and other members of the public.  The most recent decisions regarding the sue of Kingsford Smith Oval were made OUTSIDE the regular council meeting process (un-minuted in the public domain) and without adherence to Council’s own Community Engagement Process.

The missing work is an overarching Plan as to how dog owners and the rest of the Community should share the beautiful open space of Lane Cove Sign such that the needs of ALL residents of our community are addressed in a manner that promotes safety and equitable sharing of space and encourages community interaction.

Mayor Palmer and Deputy Mayor Strassberg, and Councillors Brent, Brooks-horn and Bennison have voted against a motion supporting open consultation.

Councillors Vissel, Zbik and Morris voted for the motion.

Sign this Petition and demand that Mayor Palmer:

1.Halt the March 2, 2020 changes scheduled for Kingsford Smith Oval that will impact on the safety of small children and dogs until a proper process of Community Consultation has taken place and

2.  Undertake development of a Strategic Plan for Dogs in the Community that incorporates Public Consultation and draws on clear facts and the experiences of experts, residents and other councils.