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Small Landlords want reform to the RTA and proposed Bill 124 Rental Fairness Act

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Tenant and Landlord need equal rights.  Currently the Residential Tenancies Act protects the Tenants leaving Landlords more Vulnerable:

Here is What we are proposing in addition to the changes:

We have little control over tenants that are allowed to smoke in our rental properties, and would like to see non-smoking leases allowed.

We would like to have the ability to decide to allow pets.

With legalization there is no protection for landlords with the growth of marijuana in properties.  Insurance policies will cease to cover properties that have been used to grow marijuana.  How am I protect myself?

Having a standardized lease loses our ability to agree on things that makes each tenancy unique and will create more confusion and litigation.  For example, parties should be able to agree on things such as what nights a tenant can use the laundry room in a shared house, what are a tenant’s rights to shared versus exclusive use areas of a house such as a yard, rules about smoking, water beds, window air conditioners, etc.

I would like to be able to collect damage deposits, as can be done in other provinces.

The increasing rental population has led to an increased timeframe for tribunals to handle non-payment of rent and other issues, I would like to see more court rooms to handle these cases.

Email is a commonly and reasonably accepted communication method in society, we would like to use email for notices if both parties agree in the lease.

We would like to evict using commercial bailiffs once we get an order from the Landlord Tenant Board, currently we cannot use them.

We would like to see the 14 day voiding period removed from the N4 and allow us to file the L1 immediately.

We would like the right to collect rent by e-Transfer.

We would like the right to be able to protect my retirement future, by protecting my property, through having a list of bad tenants.

We would like to see the laws re-written so that tenants cannot break a fixed term lease.

We would like to see clarification on how non-payment of utilities are to be treated at the Landlord Tenant Board, rather than waiting to attend a hearing, and not knowing whether small claims court will be the proceeding step.

We would like to see mediation available before the 14th day of the current N4 agreement, prior to the filing of the L1 application.

As small landlords we cannot afford to compensate a Tenant an additional 1 months rent if we are moving back into the property.  The current legislation is sufficient.


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