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Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership (LEAP), Reverse Position on White-Tailed Deer Management

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Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership is the prime mover behind the deer-killing in the northern areas of the southern Great Lakes states, including the frenzied deer-killing now seen in Northeast Ohio. LEAP's Wildlife Conflict Committee ratified its "Position for White-Tailed Deer Management" at Cleveland's Office of Sustainability  -- through the Office's Coordinator, Cathi Lehn -- in May 2013, with no public knowledge or input.

Now, LEAP members, well-known, heavy hitters in environmental conservation -- Cleveland Museum of Natural History (Jim Bissell), Cleveland Metroparks (Chief of Natural Resources Terry Robison), Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Lisa Petit, Chief Natural Resources), and Ohio Division of Wildlife (Geoffrey Westerfield, assistant wildlife mgmt. supervisor) -- just four of LEAP's dozens of members -- who we look to as leaders in the conservation movement, and whose organizations profit by millions annually -- do NOT promote or implement sound, scientific, and humane solutions to "manage" deer. Instead, they continue to use outdated models of conservation, make disprovable claims, and continue to implement war on OUR wildlife, all in the name of "controlling" deer populations in all our public parks, suburban/urban neighborhoods, and private business properties (i.e. Lakeview Cemetery, Hopkins Airport, etc.) This is a violation of the Public Trust Doctrine, and the players MUST face legal consequences.

From LEAP's website and "Position" to kill deer: “At times it is necessary to use human intervention to manage deer population numbers at acceptable levels for desired healthy ecosystems, to reduce nuisance situations, and to increase humane safety.” (visit for a complete list.)  But our very comprehensive, fine-tooth scouring of open pubic records revealed NO human fatalities resulted from deer-vehicle crashes in Cuyahoga County for over five years, no Lyme disease in the county, and no Chronic Wasting Disease or starving deer in all Ohio's herd. The claim that deer threaten ecosystems is hypocritical, considering our species is the true threat. OUR PUBLIC, TAXPAYER FUNDED park systems that engage in systematic removal -- and rebounding populations -- of deer for "conservation" purposes is a joke. These parks are for profit, have significantly paved over most of the habitats for which they claim to be stewards, and make hordes of money. Cleve. Metroparks' Brian Zimmerman, for example, earns over $262,000 annual salary!

LEAP has influenced all the big NE Ohio decision makers, including public park systems and most suburban/urban areas; one of LEAP's published "recommendations" includes encouraging "municipalities to work with the Ohio Division of Wildlife" to use lethal measures.

It doesn't take much to connect the dots between LEAP's ratification/recommendations, and the huge increase in deer killing now seen in numerous NE Ohio communities.

Metadata prove ALL lethal measures result in "compensatory rebound effect;" sudden, lethal reductions in herd sizes result in increased herd fertility (does give birth to more multiples, and yearlings conceive earlier). Less competition for food + increased herd fertility = rebounding numbers. In other words, no lethal measures permanently reduce deer herd sizes, and are nothing more than a feedback loop for profit for all the dirty players and politicians. Ohio Division of Wild"Death" admits to compensatory rebound effect, AND to deliberately maintaining a large herd for profit, known as "maximum sustained yield" through rebounding populations. A civilized society does NOT hand over power to its leaders; it takes back control.

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