We say "NO, to school fee increment"

We say "NO, to school fee increment"

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Dr. Oluremi Nurudeen Olaleye (Rector, Lagos State Polytechnic) and

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Started by Prayer Ayodele


Dear Management, 

It is so painful that the increase in school fees is coming at a time when the country’s developmental indices and figures are not friendly, a country with a very high unemployment rate, inflation rate and exchange rate. 

So, such increase in cost of education in a country in which most of its citizens are living below the poverty line would have negative implications for human capital development. This school fee hike has not showcased government’s responsiveness towards promoting inclusive education.

This is disheartening to all well meaning students and we urge the management to reconsider and rescind their decision. If the fee hike is not reviewed downward, it might force many students to drop out of school and increase social vices, as students might be compelled to survive by all means.

We, therefore, urge the management at all levels to revert to the old fee to enable students from poor and marginalised families to access tertiary education and break the chain of poverty. 


587 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!