Keep the La Trobe Neuropsychology Masters open!

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La Trobe University has made the decision to suspend intake for 2021 into the Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology program, while continuing the Master of Clinical Psychology program and the newly developed Masters of Professional Psychology program.

In light of this decision by the university I am looking to gather support for the program’s continuance moving forward. If you were ever considering applying for the Clinical Neuropsychology program at La Trobe, or if you are a graduate of the program, or just want to show your support for the preservation of post graduate psychology programs in general, I urge you to please consider signing the petition below to indicate both your interest in the program and disappointment at this heartbreaking news.

Neuropsychologists offer unique, specialised and valuable services to those who have conditions affecting the brain. The current pandemic will have affected some of these most vulnerable people - and we should continue to train psychologists and foster research into this important specialisation of psychology. 

La Trobe runs a wonderful, immersive program for Neuropsychology, and as a current student I am devastated at this news. This decision not only impacts current and future students of the course, but will have greater impacts on the workforce and diversity of postgraduate psychology programs moving forward.