Stop Toronto City Hall from Banning Innovation

Stop Toronto City Hall from Banning Innovation

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Mykyta Ponomarenko started this petition to Kristyn Wong-Tam (Councillor) and

The Toronto city council Infrastructure & Environment Committee voted to ban “Micro-Utility Devices” or robots from operating or parking on Toronto sidewalks, footpaths, bike lanes & cycle tracks. 

There are now over 2000 of you who have signed the petition. We recently learned that about 50 people who want to ban these companies have sent emails to the councilors and the clerks (all emails send to the clerk become part of the agenda). So what I propose is that we send 2000 emails to them to make sure our voice is heard during City Council. Feel free to use the template below:

Subject: Micro-Utility Devices IE26.12

Send to: + the councilor of your choice (except Wong-Tam which would be a waste of an email)

Dear Toronto Clerk & Councillor [insert name], I am personally [....] [or know someone with a disability X]. I have used [or will use] services for X and Y. This ban will deeply hurt our accessibility to [safe delivery in a pandemic, food delivery in winter, OTC medication delivery for times of need, etc.]

As I hope you know, there are multiple startups in Toronto building devices to help people with disabilities which would go out of business because "they are a hazard to people with disabilities". How is that possible?

Thank you for your consideration, [your name]
Here is are the emails of all councilors in Toronto: 

Join our discord to discuss how we make Toronto more Innovative:

Information about the bylaw city council is considered: 

Original Tweet that angered all of Toronto: 

This ban will seriously damage these companies and others:

Tiny Mile (cute pink robot delivery service)
Quantum Robotic Systems (robots to move objects on stairs for the disabled)

Banning these highly efficient and effective delivery vehicles is completely illogical. Personally, I've walked from Union subway station to Lansdowne subway station many times. I've encountered many things that hurt pedestrians (broken sidewalks, bicyclists on sidewalks, cars on sidewalks, construction that blocks off large sections of sidewalk). But I have never encountered any autonomous vehicles that have ever stopped me from getting anywhere. I would rather trip over a slow robot than get hit by a delivery van (which has happened to me before). 

This is a law in search of a problem and will bankrupt multiple incredibly innovative companies, and destroy a nascent industry. People always talk about Toronto as an innovative city, but this law is targeting innovation and degrading the quality of life in this city. I've eagerly awaited autonomous vehicle deliveries in my neighborhood of Davenport, now we have to fight for that future.

I am not affiliated with any robotics company or any politician in Toronto City council. I am just a regular person that thinks small robots will make delivery and accessibility for all residents of this city much cheaper and more convenient. If we can foster these types of innovations and innovative companies we can make Toronto a great city, if not the innovative companies will leave and startup investors will also leave Toronto. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!