Justice For TRCNG

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TRCNG are a 10 member boy group under TS Entertainment. The boy's range from 17-19 years old meaning that they all debuted as minors in 2017 and have recently stepped forward to the public to tell us about the mistreatment they have been recieving from their company. 

TS Entertainment are known for having a bad reputation when it comes to the way they treat their idols. Recent and Past events such as SONAMOO's Nahyun and Sumin as well as B.A.P's lawsuits against the company, have shown fans that the idols wellbeing within the company is clearly not a priority. These lawsuits happened due to the verbal and physical abuse the artists recieved as well as the company depriving them of basic rights such as electricity, food and water. The groups also experienced little promotion and little effort on the company's behalf thus in Nahyun and Sumin's case they requested the company to release their contracts.

Another problem within TS Entertainment has arisen recently via two members of their 10 member boy group TRCNG. The two members Wooyeop and Taeseon recently came forward to talk about the similar forms of mistreatment that they have recieved during their time as debuted and non-debuted artists within the company. What makes this situation worse is that these boys have been experiencing this mistreatment since before debut thus making all of them minors with the youngest being 14 years old or less. Taeson and Wooyeop are now sueing TS Entertainment because of this. 

This is absolutely horrific and the fact that TS Entertainment continues to deny all responsibility thus continuing to blame their artists for their own mistreatment is disgraceful. 

We as fans are demanding justice for TRCNG and all the other artists who have had to suffer under similar conditions within the company. We demand that TS Entertainment takes responsibility within this issue and that the company meets the requests of the artists who have requested for their contracts to be released.