Stop carrying products from Mario Batali

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Two women have come forward alleging that celebrity chef Mario Batali drugged and sexually assaulted them at two restaurants over the years, adding more fuel to a series of allegations against Batali that he's groped, harassed and assaulted a number of women.

In response to claims from over 10 women, countless companies have severed ties with Mario Batali. ABC Television fired him from "The Chew," and major retailers like Walmart and Target announced they would no longer carry Mario Batali products in their stores. 

But Kmart has yet to announce whether they will cease selling products from Mario Batali, and currently on their website, you can find over a dozen Mario Batali products in the Kmart marketplace. 

Tell Kmart that in light of even more sexual misconduct allegations against Mario Batali, it's time for the company to remove his products from their site and follow in the footsteps of other companies that have ended ties with Batali.

Batali was the subject of a recent 60 Minutes report where additional allegations of sexual harassment and assault came to light. After the segment, his business partners announced they would be ending their relationship with him, and the Italian market Eataly announced they would formally end their relationship with him, too.

It's time Kmart followed suit, too. Send a message to Kmart that perpetrators of sexual harassment and sexual assault have no place in their marketplace.