Stop The Record from littering on our properties

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There was a time when flyers were delivered to mailboxes. Back then people could signal to the delivery person that they do not want unsolicited mail and this desire would almost always be respected. Now, every week The Record does drive-bys and throws flyers at the end of residents driveways whether those residents want the flyers or not. Residents who do not want the flyers delivered have tried repeatedly to contact The Record circulation department by email or phone and are repeatedly told that deliveries will stop after a couple of weeks. Very few people have successfully stopped the deliveries. Some residents have even reached out to their city councillors asking for help, only to be told to contact The Record. A lot of the experience trying to make this stop and related here has been captured in a Nextdoor discussion [1]

If residents were to drop bundles of newspaper onto public or private property it would be considered littering. Most residents would never do this because they know that littering is bad for the environment and they feel a social responsibility to keep their neighbourhoods clean. We do not believe the Record should be allowed to litter on our properties. In the best case someone makes use of the paper, some may even read it. However in a lot of cases residents are forced to pick up the trash and deal with it, often just after the recycling trucks have done their rounds. In the worst cases it gets buried in snow and left to rot until it's exposed in the spring time or ends up stuck in someones snowblower.

The Record is a business that runs on subscriptions. The need to sell more subscriptions can be easily understood even by those who do not want the paper. The Record offers it's subscribers a choice for how may deliveries per week they would like to receive [2]. Those of us who do not have a subscription should also have a choice. By continuing this practice of sending unwanted junk to our driveways week after week despite requests to stop The Record is denying us that choice.

We are asking the record to make good on their promises to stop littering on our properties. Manage this like you do your partial week subscriptions. And if The Record can not manage this we are asking city council to step in and make this stop. We the undersigned are tired of this.