Stop Kirklees council Destroying 137 play areas

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Kirklees Council recently in thier budget decision was a play strategy, it has now been revealed that this is the destruction of 137 play parks across the borough,

it has now also been revealed the parks in which they plan to destroy, 

to turn them into what is deemed Natural play spaces, which is described as having logs boulders and landscaping within them,  Kirklees is surrounded by natural play spaces, the geography of the borough shows that it is flanked by moorland and green belt, including the Pennines hills, 

the strategy also includes the removal of fences, which would make it more difficult to supervise children as well as allow animals to be able to enter play areas 

children need play spaces to develop skills and to interact with other children, many parents, grandparents carers etc don't have the means nor the funds to take children further away from these play spaces which are strategically placed near family housing areas, 


there is also the difficulty of transporting more than one child to another park a distance away, For example a grandmother of four, (all under 8) this is virtually  an impossibility



The Undersigned are calling on Kirklees council to reconsider this proposal, and to hold a open and honest  meaningful consultation with residents, users, and groups, with the names of the parks