Suspend online activities during the national Lock down

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Students have raised very crucial concerns regarding online learning, that the VC has deliberately ignored. These concerns should be taken to consideration in order to ensure that every registered student is catered for when it comes to online learning. We do agree that learning should continue but it shouldn’t continue at the peril of others. We believe the decision is not inclusive of the masses, only those who are privileged will be able to participate effectively in this online learning while the less privileged will suffer the most.

These are some of the grievances that were raised by students:

There is poor network coverage in some areas, this will have a negative impact when students have do their assignments , write online test and exams. 

Some students doing Law, Science etc are busy with practicals, how will a science student who runs tests in a physical lab be able to do so on an online platform. 

Some students do not have electronic devices such as laptops and tablets , they soley depend on computers on campus to do their assignments. If they will not be allowed to return to campus how will they be able to do their work.

Data is extremly expensive and students cannot afford to buy data on a daily basis. 

If the intitution wants to pursue online learning during the national shutdown then students should be allowed to return to Res or their respective residences so that they can also have the benefit to access resources such as Wifi and eletronic devices (i.e. computers).