Supporting Vulnerable People in Kingston

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Katarokwi (Kingston) Union of Tenants started this petition to Kingston City Council (Kingston City Council, c/o City Clerk) and

Whereas Kingston is experiencing a housing and homelessness crisis of unprecedented proportions including a distinct lack of supportive, rent-geared-to-income and/or genuinely affordable housing,

Whereas the City of Kingston has not yet provided short term, medium-term or long-term solutions to this housing crisis,

And whereas Kingston's growing homeless community will be facing death from cold this winter if they are not provided a drop-in space,

We, the undersigned,

1) support the City Council in moving forward with the approved plan of developing the 661 Montreal Street site into an Integrated Care Hub to provide low-barrier access to services for some of Kingston's most vulnerable people,

2)  express our support and thanks to the Service Providers who have lobbied for, created and staff the Hub

3) publicly indicate our support for our vulnerable neighbours who need these services and who are bearing the brunt of our City's housing crisis.


This petition made change with 506 supporters!

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