Indoor Skate Park (Kingston, Ontario)

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Kingston, Ontario Canada.

The home of the Hip, breeding grounds for overly talented artists and athletes, has seen a huge decline in skateboarding due to the cities ideals of cutting everything in half and police ticketing people who skate on the streets.

Our main skatepark was cut in half literally to a fraction of its size. Our new skatepark is located in the most dangerous area of the city, stopping parents from taking their children there which is also so far out of the way for the majority of skateboarders in the city. I, Zen Starwalker 禅星行者 禅スタウォカ 참선 스타워커(Musician/Skateboarder) have come to the conclusion that this city needs a indoor skateboarding facility immediately. 

There are over 500 skateboarders in this city with no solid place to practice and especially nowhere to compete, putting a huge halt on progression. 

Not only would this benefit local skateboarders, it would bring in skaters, bmx'ers and rollerbladers from all over the world including Pro's. But the idea is ultimately for  kids who have no where else to turn when they are faced with life changes. Skateboarding has been known to keep kids off of drugs, placed into a positive environment and kept out of trouble while promoting healthy relationships with peers. 

This city is so focused on preserving our heritage that the council often rejects any idea's that could bring more tourists and income to the businesses locally. With the most popular University in Canada at it's heart, you would think they would be more attuned to providing for the youth. 

I myself will personally run the facility every day if I must along with the help of some trusted individuals in the community.

Here is two of many video's people have made about skateboarding changing lives

Please sign this petition and help us help the youth.

Sincerely, Zen Starwalker