Kids before cuts: Stop council's plan for shared headteacher.

Kids before cuts: Stop council's plan for shared headteacher.

2 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Levi White

You may be aware of plans by North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) to introduce a Multi Establishment Leadership Model (MELM) at schools across the local authority area.  In Chryston, a ‘pilot’ of this model has effectively been operating at Chryston High School and Chryston Primary School without the knowledge of parents since December 2020. Since then, there have been five leadership changes.  This has created a huge amount of upheaval and disruption for children and staff whose health and well-being have already been impacted by the pandemic. 
At present, there has been no communication or consultation with parents of Chryston High School pupils – or those who will go on to attend the high school.  
Our opposition to NLC’s MELM plan includes: 
1. There has been no consultation and very little communication. Parents received an email in December 2020 confirming the headteacher of Chryston High would also take on the temporary position of headteacher of Chryston Primary until a permanent headteacher could be appointed. There needs to be a formal consultation with the two schools involved and the feeder primaries. 
2. There is no educational rationale behind this plan. In fact, what the last 14 months has proven is that this model does not work for the Chryston school community.  
3. The projected roll in the next four years of both schools is well over 2,000 – making Chryston the largest model of its kind in Scotland. The list of schools provided by NLC as an example of a MELM type model are by no way comparable to the plans for Chryston in size, demographic or geography.   
4. It’s extremely worrying that this kind of model of shared headship have previously failed in NLC. We do not want any more of our children's precious education time wasted on a MELM that could likely go the same route. 
5. It's worrying that NLC has been unable to find an adequate candidate for the headteacher post at Chryston Primary but believes it can find one for a far more complex role. 
6. The agreed committee paper for this plan states a MELM must be achieved on a shared campus. Chryston will be across two sites, separated by a busy road. The model being proposed is not compliant with the committee paper. 
7. All children should have equal experience and resources. This model treats Chryston Primary differently from other feeder schools who each have a permanent headteacher. 
8. All Chryston High children will be impacted and at a disadvantage to children from other high schools who have a dedicated headteacher. 

9. Building work on the new school has started and will be completed in autumn 2023. Moving to new school premises is a sizeable task and will take the full focus of the headteacher. Therefore, the headteacher will be spread very thinly across the two sectors during this move. 
10. The plan raises serious concerns about the safeguarding of our children. How can one headteacher be an advocate for over 2,000 children? 
Our children deserve the best possible start in life and I appreciate you taking the time to listen to our concerns for them. Your support is vital.

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Signatures: 1,578Next Goal: 2,500
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