Khalsa School Calgary - Reinstate Principal (Cheryl Steadman)

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

The Khalsa School Calgary Board (via the Chairman) has stated they will not be renewing Mrs. Cheryl Steadman's contract for 2020/2021. This decision appears to have been taken within the board and without consulting any parents.

Khalsa School would like to expand to include high school education up to Grade 12. The board's decision appears to question Mrs. Steadman's credentials to lead as Principal for the school up to Grade 12. She has been the Principal for Khalsa School Calgary for eight years and the validity of her credentials has only been questioned recently without justification.

Majority of the board members are representatives from Dashmesh Cultural Center (4) and the remainder (3) are elected parents from the school.

Mrs. Steadman's work at the school has been of the highest standard and this decision has affected many parents and will no doubt affect the students. Mrs. Steadman has spent numerous hours building relationships with parents, the children and has worked tirelessly with our community to create special bonds. This will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on the future of many other wonderful teachers at the school – we will lose some great talent. This is a matter of the future of our children and what is in their best interest.

The board’s decision is unwarranted; this petition is to reinstate Mrs. Steadman so she may continue her excellent work, and they have stated they will not reconsider their decision. The state of the currents affairs where gatherings are not permitted has been exploited to minimize the impact of this decision and prevent parents and concerned partied to voice their opinion. Deposits were collected for the following year in advance of this decision leaving parents ill-advised of the changes that were being planned.

If you agree with this petition, we encourage you and your children to sign this petition and forward to other parents so that we can help reverse this decision.