Help to save Khadija!

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Khadija is a young teen from the Beni Mellal region of Morocco. She was kidnapped by a gang of men, and held captive for two months. During her captivity, she was subjected to every torture imaginable : she was repeatedly raped by 15 men, beaten, deprived of food and basic sanitary needs, and had her body forcibly tattooed by her captors.

The perpetrators eventually released her, and now she has to regain her life back.

With this petition, we hope to gather all actors of the civil society, organizations and associations, so we can voice our indignation and outrage for what happened to this young girl, and to give her emotional and material support to rebuild her life and to remove the tattoos. We also, through this petition, ask for justice for Khadija, to prevent such atrocities in the future. 

Help Khadija get her life back!