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Make Instagram stop discriminating against meme pages

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For the past few years, memes have grown and cultured on Instagram as a community of people who make them and share them alike. Meme page admins can even accrue a celebrity status within this community, as they repost and make humorous, entertaining content for sometimes hundreds of thousands of users. We all share this broad interest, and that brings us together to express a creativity that others can easily enjoy.

But as time has gone on, these pages have become more and more subject to being targeted by the average user because they may not like the type of humor that is present. But the real problem lies within Instagram's support team, which also seem to have a direct prejudice against these pages. There are extents to which they take down posts that make sense, but often times the post will be perfectly safe according to the community guidelines, but they are still taken offline abruptly and with no explanation or specification as to which post. Even worse, the support team then does nothing to respond to the pleas for repeal, no matter what medium the team is contacted under. You might as well be sending a letter to Santa and expecting a response. And sometimes these posts that are taken down could be original creations of the user, that they put careful thought and even hours of time into making for the sole enjoyment of others. There is no cash to be made here, there is no malicious intent to spread. We are, in essence, a fandom of modern humorous content that is being unrightfully discriminated against.

And if post deletion wasn't bad enough, they delete our accounts too. People who have gained those tens of thousands of followers through a slow grind of frequent posting and catering to their audience. One good example of this is the deletion of @yourlordandsaviormemejesus , who had almost 500K followers and was widely known on Instagram and even outside of it. But that was all taken away in one swift decision, and none of his attempts to be heard and reactivated were heard. He even attempted to regain his standing from the ground up, and at 100K, he was deleted yet again with no explanation. Imagine putting countless hours of time into a craft of your interest, and then having someone destroy all you've worked to gain simply because they don't agree with it. Well this situation is no different.

You could argue that this is how strict they are with everyone, but that is certainly not the case. There are accounts and users out there on Instagram who post unanimously unacceptable content. Near nudity of underage individuals, gore of both descriptive and visual manners, illegal activity that uses the site as a public medium to be promoted, and more. Some of these pages are actively reported for their clear infringement of Instagram's term and guidelines, but they are far less responsive to deal with them, and sometimes, they don't at all. Yet they'll jump the gun on their chance to delete a video or picture that brings enjoyment to many people's lives, simply because they don't agree with it.

Some could say this cause is petty, and that we should simply deal with these judgments. But this is more than just an entertainment outlet for some people. It can be their hobby, a way to connect with friends, people who understand them, even as a safe haven from the hardships of their real world circumstance. Instagram should have no place to be prejudice to these users who follow the guidelines but are still beaten down needlessly and unjustly.

As a content creator that supports this community greatly, and one that has been subject to this unfair treatment, I call for these reports to be taken with the same consideration as any other post on the website, as they clearly are being targeted. This issue keeps getting worse, more people get deleted and posts get reported, so we need to make a stand before Instagram decides to wipe us out all together.

- Kevin Cassidy, admin of @promethamemez

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