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Affinity Cannabis Store Inc is looking to open its first retail cannabis store in Vancouver. This store is located on the corner of  Victoria Drive & 38ave. [5403 Victoria Drive]

Nature of our business:

Affinity Cannabis Store Inc is a brand new  niche market Cannabis Store with a concentration on helping individuals looking to find alternative treatments for aliments and pain from chronic illnesses such as arthritis, in addition to those suffering from serious health issues such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and more.

These are treatments that are beyond cannabis that is supposed to make you “high.” These cannabis products would be taken orally through capsules, sprays or tinctures.

For retail consumers, our target consumer in the community will be higher end clientele. Meaning products in the store will be strategically priced to ensure limited number of transactions. This can be controlled through having minimum purchase quantities and higher quality products.

We believe our strict quality regulations and higher price points will attract people interested in consuming in the comfort of their homes, and not in community spaces like schools, parks or around the store.

Our operation will have a strict no smoking policy on the property which will be enforced per Provincial Regulations which prohibits the smoking of marijuana in public and near parks or schools.

We are seeking to match the demographic of the neighbourhood and cater to upscale older population.

Hours Of Operation:

Affinity Cannabis will only be open 6 hours a day from 12pm - 6pm Tuesday-Saturday. We will be closed Sunday & Monday to respect residents weekend enjoyment and to respect Churches & Schools busiest days. To provide a quality of life for our employees, the store will be closed for one week during Christmas.

Our application takes into account community concerns presented by a previous Development Permit application for a property located east of the subject property in 2017. We have carefully reviewed past concerns raised by the community and plan to ensure our proposal takes into account the community context and vital input provided by this process.

We are especially cognizant of local daycare and school peak hours, doctors office hours, as well as community concerns surrounding safety and long operating hours.

For this reason, our application ensures that there is minimal disruption for such business by offering limited hours for our clientele.

We have consciously selected the proposed limited hours as it is important that we fit the community context and have similar hours to retail businesses in the area.

We are not seeking to be open until late hours, we would like to close when other local businesses in the area close. We would also like to be be closed by the time most people are home from work and enjoying a walk in the neighbourhood.

Our Store & Layout.

Community impact is a major concern for our business. We seek to have minimal signage on the exterior of the building. Our goal is to blend in with our surroundings. To accomplish this we will have just simple sign of the front of the store “Affinity Cannabis Store” All windows will be tinted/frosted and at street level there will be no visible cannabis, cannabis leafs or visibility into the store.

The goal of this is to address the chance that young children and families do not have to be exposed to any sign of a cannabis store.

Our locations building was constructed in 1968 and previous tenants did little to maintain the look of the exterior of the building. Many over grown weeds and unwashed awnings give the building a dated look, bringing down the look of the entire neighbourhood. 

If approved we aim to significantly improve the exterior of the building to give it a more modern look, uplifting values in the area by beautifying the building.

ID verification will be mandatory of all patrons of the store and they would have a profile set up so we know who our clients are. Using advanced security cameras with facial recognition we will be able to identify if any of our clients are consuming around our surveillance zone. If found to be consuming in the area we will warn the client, or outright ban them from our store.

No consumption will be allowed at or near our store.


What Makes Us Different?

As a community Victoria Drive has seen many cannabis stores pop up with a variety of adverse effects like loitering, smoking in areas around the stores, noise and crime. Its time to change what a cannabis store is, and we are going to make that change.

We do not want to harm the community, we want to uplift and help it thrive. Everyone has the right to love the community they live in and they have the right to enjoy it free of crime and danger.

Which is why we have proposed limited hours, open only 6 hours 5 days a week. A total of only 30 hours of operation per week.

Comparably past proposals and other operations are open 12-14 hours per day 7 days a week (Total of 84-  98 hours per week).

Limited hours, for you means:

  • Less activity at the store and in the neighbourhood
  • Less product in the store, fewer transactions, less cash on premises, meaning we would be a lower risk / target for crime for the community.

Affinity Cannabis Store Inc management team is composed of University graduates and have no links to crime. Nor were we ever involved in the illegal sale of cannabis before it came to be legal in Canada. We see this as a regular retail store that should listen to community concerns and responsibly operate under municipal, provincial and federal laws.

We do not want to see the local community to go down the wrong path. We want the youth to go to school, get good paying jobs and become productive members of the community. We want families in the area to feel safe knowing we know your concerns, and we want to do everything we can to alleviate safety concerns. We want seniors to continue to have the quiet enjoyment they deserve. We also want Victoria Drive to have an upscale modern fee

We will go out of our way to make our location incognito as possible. Meaning we will specifically ensure there are no attractive colours or elements children may pay attention to, there will be no exterior visibility or promotion.


Smell & Smoke

Clients of the store are prohibited from smoking in the store or the surrounding area. We will have a zero tolerance policy for this.

All of the cannabis sold at the store will come sealed directly from BC Liquor & Cannabis. This will minimize / eliminate any concerns with smell or impact on other local businesses.

These seals will not be broken or opened in store. We also plan to limit the sale of “smoke ready” products so we can reduce the possibility of clients consuming near the business. 

Your feedback and concerns will help us to open a higher quality experience and store that actually takes into account what a community wants.  We don’t just aim to open any cannabis store, you have already seen what those look like, they don’t address any of our shared values or concerns.

We aim to build a first of its kind store that meets the high standards of a community and we believe we will be able to execute this vision with your support. Then we can hopefully spark change across the entire industry to have a model that doesn’t make citizens feel like their neighbourhood has been taken over by pot smokers or criminals. But rather safe, high end retail stores that compliment the neighbourhood with minimal to no impact.


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